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Welcome to MEGDSiE

Welcome to the wonderful world of Melanoid Empowerment Global Database (MEGDSiE: pronounced meg-zee). The “i” is added to make the name sound nicer.

Highly inspired by Victor Hugo Green’s Green Book, we’ve decided to compile a list of businesses of melanated people from all over the world. We saw that there was a need for such a platform that empowers the melanoid community to support each other. This project started back in 2013 in the form of a notepad but it got annoying carrying this around everywhere we went, plus we lost the notepad 4 times over the course of 3 years, so for safety measures, its stored on the inter webs somewhere, where we can continue to share our findings with you all.

This next stage is new for all of us. We decided to compile any businesses that we could find, and as time progresses we will find a programming mechanism to ping to these listings to make sure they are still active so that we can deliver to you an accurate result. We have communicated with many of these businesses to make sure they are indeed black/melanoid owned.

We do ask a favor from each of you reading this: if you know of any businesses that should be placed in the database that are not listed, make sure to Recommend them Here. Big or small, brick and mortar, or click and pointer, it does not matter.  We MUST support one another.

Other than that, there’s nothing much to say. Take a look around and contact for any flaws you encounter.


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